How to lose weight in a week 7 kg — the most effective ways

Considering his reflection in the mirror, dreaming of becoming the approach of spring, many women are wondering how to lose weight in a week at least 7 kg, to remove bloated belly and plump thighs. The task is not simple, but it is doable.

It is possible to lose weight 7 kg in a week?

to lose weight 7 kg in a week

Having no illusions and soberly assessing future loss weight women wonder how to lose 7 kg quickly? In the course are all means: diuretics and laxatives, overseas miracle pills , starvation and serplan in the gym. Ale then overtakes disappointment: diet pills have a lot side effects, and going to the gym only add weight.

Experts ' recommendations: if the weight is large, without a doctor's advice to lose weight fast very difficult. Might have problems with health ' pits that require treatment. After a comprehensive examination the doctor will help to develop a strategy of weight loss without harm to the body.

The first step to effectively lose weight 7 kg – this is true balanced diet compiled for the week.

How to lose weight in a week 7 kg — the most effective methods

Considering the question: how to lose yourself for a week on 7 kg in the home with the perspective of a nutritionist, there are several dietary lines. Each of them can be called strict.

The best diet for weight loss

diet for weight loss

Choosing among the many available weight loss diets in a week 7 kg, you have to remember about the main rules of success:

  • uses a limited set of products
  • dramatically reduced energy value menu
  • minimized proceeds of carbohydrates, which causes the adjustment of the metabolism and weight loss

Drastic restrictions in diet – a serious test for the physical and psychological state. There is a great risk of failure and a mental block fat burning.

Interesting: nutritionists are such a thing as a "plateau" in the graph of weight loss. At this time the body experiences a caloric deficit and starts in emergency mode to block the consumption of fat. No need to panic! The body becomes accustomed to the new regime and weight loss will recover in no time.

The Estonian diet

This plan is a sequence of mono-diet. Every day it is recommended to use one product, stretching the amount for the whole day. Water should drink at least 1.5 liters. are Excluded from the diet sugar, sauces, spices, salt, coffee, tea.

Day Product Quantity per day
Monday Chicken egg boiled 6 PCs
Tuesday Ser low-fat 1 kg
environment Chicken (boiling or steamed) 300 g
Thursday Boiled rice 100 grams of cereal boiled in 1 liter of water
Friday Potatoes boiled in the skin 6 PCs
Saturday Fresh apples 1 kg
Sunday Yogurt, low fat 1.5 l


  • diversity;
  • effective weight loss;
  • separate consumption of protein and carbohydrates;
  • enough protein retains m Yazov mass.


  • drastic caloric restriction;
  • can constipation;
  • almost a complete rejection of carbohydrates can cause fatigue;
  • contraindications in the presence of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, heart.

Diet eggs

Diet eggs

If you want to lose weight in a week at least 7 kg at home with diet or special food, please note on the egg diet. Food is not to sweeten, add some salt, season to taste with sauces.

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1 2 eggs, grapefruit 1 egg, orange, 150g chicken 200ml of yogurt, 200gr chicken
2 2 eggs, a glass of orange juice 2 grapefruit, 150g chicken 2 eggs, orange, 200ml milk, low ginott
3 1 egg, a Cup of tea (optional lemon) grapefruit, 200g chicken meat 2 eggs
4 omelette of 3 eggs with herbs vegetable salad, 200g of chicken meat eggs, 2 orange
5 salad of boiled carrots, greens, low-fat sour cream and two eggs 2 fresh carrots, a glass of juice from citrus steamed lemon fish, egg
6 150g low-fat cottage cheese, a glass of citrus juice 2 eggs and orange mineral water
7 2 eggs, half grapefruit 200g meat, orange mineral water

The recommendation of nutritionists: grapefruit is quite acidic citrus. That solved the problem with the acidity, you can drink non-carbonated mineral water alkaline type.


  • effective weight loss 10 kg per week;
  • boring nutritious menu;
  • intake of all the nutrients;
  • easily digestible protein eggs prevents m Yazov dystrophy;
  • vitamin H accelerates carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, reduces blood sugar;
  • the enzymes grapefruit to regulate the formation of insulin, inhibits appetite;
  • a large number of vegetables prevents constipation.


  • not suitable for people with kidney disease, gout;
  • can cause flatulence.

Diet "minus dinner"

In the case of this diet weight loss of 7 kg per week is not due to poor diet and by refusing dinner. The last meal should take place no later than 16:00. This meal plan is perfect for "larks" and "owls" have easy.

Day/meal Breakfast     Lunch  
  Product Portion for 1 admission   Product Portion for 1 admission
Monday Fish for a couple 50 g Boiled egg   1 piece
  Lettuce leaves, sprinkle with olive oil portion Whole wheat bread   2 slices
  Yogurt, 1% 250 ml Boiled chicken or Turkey   90 g
Tuesday Product Serving at the reception Product   Serving at the reception
  celery unlimited Low-Fat Yogurt   1 Cup
  Boiled beef 80 g Low-fat cottage cheese   100 g
  Boiled potatoes and carrots 1 PCs Oatmeal on the water   Portion
  Unsweetened green tea 1 Cup dates   5 PCs
Environment Chicken soup without salt 250 ml Rye bread   2 slices
  Whole grain bread 3 PCs Boiled Veal   50 g
  Breast of chicken on a few 50 g Spinach   Not limited
      Apple, orange   1 PCs
Thursday Buckwheat boiled Portion Boiled rice   portion
  Yogurt, 1% 250 ml Citrus fresh   250 ml
  Tomatoes sliced, drizzled with olive oil portion Cottage cheese, prunes   100 g
      Kiwi, grapefruit   1 PCs
Friday Boiled beef 60 g Breast of chicken on a few   50 g
  Boiled eggs 1 piece Boiled potatoes   1 piece
  Cucumber 1 piece Orange, Apple   1 PCs
  Pepper 2 PCs Walnut   2 PCs
      dried apricots   3 PCs
Saturday Chicken soup without salt 100 ml Brown rice boiled   Portion
  Fillet of red fish for a couple 100 g Lettuce leaves, tomatoes, lemon juice, sesame seeds   portion
  Green peas 3 tbsp. Kiwi, banana, low-fat milk (after meal 30 min)   1 Cup
  Rye bread 1 PC.      
  Green tea 1 Cup      
  honey 1 teaspoon      
Sunday Boiled chicken breast 60 g Lentils cooked   Portion
  Buckwheat boiled 1 serving Boiled beef   100 g
  Bell pepper 1 piece Yogurt with reduced fat content   125 g
  Low-fat cheese 2 tbsp. Migdal   30 g
  Black tea 1 Cup      
  Honey 1 h. spoon      
  Raisins a handful      


  • quick weight loss;
  • the body adjusts to an early sleep, builds a physiological mode;
  • a varied, balanced menu.
  • the contents of all of the necessary cheovek nutrients.


  • it is difficult to sustain from lunch until Breakfast the following;
  • not suitable for people with diseases of the gallbladder.

Important! Regardless of the type of diet it is important to drink non-carbonated water in the amount of 1.5 - 2 l

The complex of physical exercises for weight loss at home

The complex of physical exercises for weight loss at home

If you are wondering how to lose weight 7 kg in a week at home, you can not do without physical exercise. Axis unit effective for burning fat in problem areas:

  • plank for the muscles of the body and limbs;
  • push-UPS – tightens further on the muscles of the chest;
  • squats for the muscles of the buttocks, thighs back, press, keeps;
  • plie – squats with widely spaced knees for drying the inner part of the thigh;
  • leg swings in the sitting position and lying down to reduce the volume of the buttocks and thighs.

This is a basic exercise that can be interpreted for a specific zone.

To edit a shape, you can spend just 10 minutes a day:

Before how to lose weight in a week with sports, to normalize the stomach and thighs, remember the following:

  1. Before classes definitely need mashed soft touch.
  2. Training should be intense, but in a sparing mode.
  3. Between sets you need a break in 30 seconds.
  4. Don't forget to drink a SIP of water between sets.
  5. Do the exercises only in the correct way.
  6. You must train at least an hour after eating. After exercise should not eat within 2 hours
  7. Add to home complex dancing, running or swimming. So weight loss will accelerate at times.

The table below shows a sample training plan that will help to solve the question: how to lose weight 7 kg in a week at home. In front of the complex make razminka on all muscle groups. after – exercise stretching.

Day of the week Complex The complex Duration
Monday To burn belly fat Starting position – sitting. Legs up, shins parallel to the floor. Hands along the line, the body slightly tilted in the floor. Hold the position for as long as I can. Gradually increase the time.
    Plank with forearms 90 seconds
Tuesday For hips and buttocks Starting position – standing. Stretch out your leg raise up. Repeat the same with the other leg. 10-15 times
    Repeat the same exercise, but with bent in knee legs 10-15 times
    Plies. Widely spread thighs and squat. The body collapses forward, and moves up and down 15-20 times
Environment For belly and sides Twisting and the bike. Starting position – lying down, hands behind his head. Raise your knee to your chest, push the body towards it. To perform on both sides 15-20 times
    Side Plank with emphasis on the forearm. Can be difficult: to focus on an outstretched hand, and the second to raise up 90 seconds
Thursday For feet Lunges forward. With the front thigh parallel to the floor, knees form an angle of primoi 20-30 times
    The rise of the pelvis. Starting position – lying, legs – shoulder width apart. Lift your Pelvis as high as possible 20-30 times
Friday For hands Pushups from the wall, keeping your elbows to the body 30-40 times
    Bringing the focus back on a stable surface. 25-30 times
Saturday For waist Lying on back, raise straight legs above the floor 15-20 cm and hold. The lower back touches the floor. Hold the position for as long as I can. Gradually increase the time.
    Stand up straight, hands in front of chest, look behind you. On an inhalation, pull pozvonochnik up, exhale – as scrutinies. 30-40 times
Sunday For breast Starting position – standing or sitting, back straight, hands fold in front of chest with palms facing each the Ruga. Circular motion pull your shoulders back, bringing shoulder blades together. With pilem push the palm of your hand. Can clamp between them the ball 30-40 times

The use of pharmaceutical means

At that hour, as some are trying to lose weight in a week to 10 kg with diet and sport, others are trying to remove his stomach and thighs by means of pharmaceutical means.

There are several types of pharmaceutical drugs for weight loss:

  1. Affect the Central nervous system (noradrenergic and anorectic), suppress hunger, appointed only by a doctor, in rare cases, cause addiction. This medication Reduxine, meridia, Liraglutide, etc.
  2. Stimulants the consumption, enhance calorie burning, increase your stamina: Weight loss, Phenotropil, Ostarine etc.
  3. Appointed by the hormonal endocrinologist when indicated: sexual, thyroid, hormones drawn.
  4. Peripheral effects work in the digestive tract, block the digestion and absorption of lipids: Orsten, xenical.
  5. Psychotropic type (sibutramine) effect on the psyche, reduce appetite. Are assigned and taken under medical supervision, cause dangerous side effects. These include Li, Diets Pils, Yu Zhou.
  6. Reduce blood sugar levels affect the satiety center in the hypothalamus – Siofor.
  7. Diuretics and laxatives to clean the intestines and remove excess water: Canada, Dulcolax, Furosemide.

Before you decide to lose weight 7 kg in a week without dieting with pills, remember that their use is only allowed with 13.

Use mechanical methods

Use mechanical methods

Those who want dieting to lose weight 7 kg in a week and was thinking how to do it, you should pay attention to hardware techniques. These include:

  1. Cavitation – destruction of subcutaneous fat with ultrasound. In one session the volume is reduced by 1-2 cm are included In the course of about 10 sessions.
  2. Mesotherapy – introduction under the skin using a special fat-burning Holocaust, anti-cellulite and cocktails.
  3. Vibration platform – a combination of fitness and apparatus massage using a special apparatus. Course – 1 or 2 months.
  4. Infrared rays accelerate local blood circulation and metabolism.
  5. Hardware massage deeply affects the basis of the muscles, increases the production of collagen and elastin, improves metabolism.

Combining diet and hardware techniques you can lose weight in a week more than 7 kg

Questions to the experts

Nutritionists and fitness instructors can give satisfactory answers to the questions: How quickly and effectively lose weight 7 kg without harm to health.

Can I lose weight in a week 7 kg without dieting?

All those who lose weight, who do not know how to lose weight 7 kg in a short period of time, you must clearly understand that the key to this question is given to the diet. You can not believe in a miracle, pill or machine that will instantly solve all the problems with excess weight. The struggle for harmony is a comprehensive approach. Before you decide to part with 5 pounds or more a week, remove belly fat and Lyashko at home, collect all will in a fist and change your lifestyle.

Is it harmful to lose weight 7 kg in a week?

Despite the advertising promises mind, "Lose weight 7 kg in a week" the question always arises: how this can be done without harm to health. To lose 1 kg a day is an incredible burden to the body. Those that cannot reset for one day discharge is excess water and cleanse the intestines. The fat gets much slower.

Ale how fast to lose weight 7 kg in a week? Mi lose weight from the calorie deficit, physical exercise and various new technologies. If you connect all the tools you can achieve excellent results.

For reviews thinner, to lose 7 pounds in a short period of time – even half the battle. The main thing – to fix the result and not return the lost weight.


Control of excess weight is hard work, but the result is always pleasing. Slim figure and good health is the result of a combination of proper nutrition, an active lifestyle and an optimistic mood.