What is weight loss on water

Is it okay to lose weight with water? Water is a non-nutritious drink. In theory, it helps the body expend its own reserves to maintain performance. But is it really that beneficial to lose weight in such a strict regimen? And if so, how to do it right?

Liquid exposure

how to lose weight with water

Weight loss with water can be achieved in two ways: internal use and external influence. In the latter case, these are saunas, hammams, baths, hydromassage, corals, mustard and other baths, showers and other physiotherapeutic procedures. Water aerobics, swimming and various water sports contribute to weight loss.

But basically, losing pounds with water involves a special swallowing regimen. For example, hard, hungry or gentler.

The guide is enriched with various additives giving it useful properties. It can be salty, lemon, mineral water, with ginger, Sassi drink and so on. They all have different reviews of those who have lost weight because they have a different effect on organisms.

Myths and Opinions

Still, is it possible to lose weight with water? First let’s understand the drinking regimen itself, which is recommended not only to those who are losing weight, but to all people in general.

Norm - 1. 5 liters

Almost everyone knows how much to drink a day - at least 1, 5 liters. But it turns out that this statement has many warnings. Over numerous studies, scientists have proven that adults should drink only if they feel thirsty, and not to maintain a certain daily amount.

There are rules for older people and children. They have an increased need for fluid, and the feeling of thirst is not always properly interpreted.

Valtin's statements

American specialist Heinz Waltin conducted a series of studies based on which he concluded that it is not wise to force yourself to drink the right amount of water. One only needs to quench one's thirst. Moreover, it can be done with the help of tea, coffee, soup, red wine. Only people who engage in intense physical work, including athletes, should consume the specified amount of water.

However, the claims of dr. Waltin have a huge number of opponents among the same physiological scientists. They assure that thirst is a pathological condition when metabolic processes in it are unnatural. The cells of the body, the intercellular space, are deprived of a sufficient amount of fluid - the main solvent of all substances, the main medium for conducting vital chemical reactions. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain water balance before you feel thirsty.

Water and fats

There is another myth that explains why drink a lot of water while losing pounds. She says the benefits of water for weight loss are in its ability to dissolve and remove fat from the body. This is a wrong conclusion based on the claim that water is necessary to maintain normal cell metabolism. Yes, in them fat is broken down, but it is not water that activates this process. You can drink a lot of water to lose weight. But then it is necessary to replace high-calorie dishes with it.

Aquatic Products

weight loss products in water

However, nutritionists recommend supplementing your diet with fluids for weight loss. For that, it is necessary to use not only special drinks, but also various foods, dishes rich in water. Why? The fact is that when, for example, we prepare soup, we mix vegetables, cereals and water. It turns out that it is more satisfying than if we ate the same amount of vegetables and cereals separately without liquid. By increasing the amount of food, water ensures satiety. In addition, liquid food is absorbed easier and faster, saturating the body.

Therefore, for weight loss, nutritionists recommend eating more foods and meals rich in water: lettuce, apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, grapefruit, milk, vegetable soups.

Terms of Use

What to drink?

If we lose pounds on water, it is important to know exactly what and in what quantities to use. First of all, it must be cleaned not only mechanically. Even modern house cleaning systems help remove liquids from harmful impurities. At the same time, it is undesirable to cook, because in this way it loses useful minerals and salts.

You can also use store-bought mineral water for weight loss. But we must keep in mind that for daily consumption, its mineralization can not exceed 1 g per liter. There is a variety of information about what temperature a liquid should be. Cold water is considered to slow down the metabolism, so in order to lose weight, it must be heated to 20-40 ° C.

Another statement is that you need to drink cold water to lose weight. Then the body expends extra energy to heat it to the required temperature at which it is absorbed.

The usual recommendation for weight loss is to drink a glass of water with honey on an empty stomach in the morning. It is sometimes advised to add a little lemon juice instead of honey or to rank with honey.

But you have to understand that any additives, as well as the increased amount of water, put additional load on the organs and systems of the body, which is not safe for many diseases. Therefore, before starting such a diet, consult your doctor.

How much volume

Now let's understand how to properly drink water for weight loss. It is considered that the water diet is a diet for the lazy and weak-willed, that they cannot be limited to food. But with due care, over time, it develops into a lifestyle that favorably affects the general condition, appearance and health of weight loss. As a result, it gets the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, tight, elastic and clear skin.

water diet for weight loss

First of all, you need to correctly calculate the amount of fluid consumed per day. There is a table on the Internet with approximate data by weight and age. But they can be obtained independently on the basis that for every 30 kg of weight, a liter of liquid is needed. That is, those same two liters are needed by people with an average weight of 60 kg.

But then it turns out that a person weighing 100 kg has to drink about 4 liters a day. At the same time, doctors do not recommend drinking more than 4. 5 liters, because all the useful substances are washed off with such an amount of liquid. This leads to malfunctions in the work of organs and systems, to various diseases of the heart, kidneys and the development of bone fragility (osteoporosis). For such cases, a different fluid calculation scheme is envisaged. Its amount is calculated on the basis of calories ingested: we drink 100 ml of water for every 100 kcal, plus about half a liter more.

But you have to understand that these values ​​are average and are only suitable for a healthy adult. In many diseases they can adapt in one direction or another.

For example, this number will have to be reduced if a person suffers from cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, kidney disease. Therefore, I would like to mention once again: before you start such a diet, you should consult your doctor.

What does water give?

Many people wonder why drink 2 glasses of water before meals or with lemon on an empty stomach for weight loss? Various chemical processes are constantly going on in our body: some substances decompose, new ones are created, some are used to maintain physical work, others are stored. Water is needed to remove decomposition products, which are often toxic.

Imagine you stopped taking out the trash at home, what will your home become then? Water in the body plays the role of a purification system. In addition, without her participation, numerous chemical processes simply cannot happen.

Therefore, if you want to stay healthy and improve your metabolism, drink enough water throughout the day. As a result, you will get:

  • rapid assimilation of nutrients;
  • complete removal of decomposition products as a result of biochemical reactions;
  • normal functioning of organs and systems, elastic and beautiful skin;
  • environment conducive to fat breakdown.

In general, yours will improve well.

Important rules

In order for weight loss on water to be effective, it is recommended to adhere to certain rules.

drinking water for weight loss
  1. Try to bring the amount of daily fluid back to normal in accordance with your weight and age. This will ensure the removal of toxins from the body and normalize its work at the cellular level.
  2. Drink a glass of water with lemon or clear liquid for half an hour before a meal. This will help suppress your appetite, eat a small portion and not dream of a supplement.
  3. Drink warm water or room temperature water, preferably. This stimulates the intestines, completely digests the food eaten.
  4. Avoid drinking tea or coffee before meals, which stimulate the production of stomach acid. It is better to drink clean water or with honey on an empty stomach to lose weight.
  5. It is recommended to buy water in stores in glass, not plastic bottles, especially if there is a possibility that the water gets very hot. Plastic contains many hazardous substances that pass into the water when the bottle is heated.
  6. Avoid soda. It will give nothing but bloating.
  7. If it is difficult to drink clean water, add a little citrus juice or a teaspoon of honey to it.
  8. Drink preferably in small sips. This way, the water will be better absorbed, and you will get more pleasure during the procedure.

Almost every diet requires a certain drinking regime. There are also special fasts for water for weight loss. But they are all based on the basic principles of its consumption, which should become a habit.