Diet for fast weight loss for 7 days

fast diet options for weight loss

The official version of such a phenomenon as the 7-day fast weight loss diet claims that you will really lose weight. And the weight, of course, will not return. And the eating habits themselves “grow” useful. Yes, and your ears will become soft and silky from pasta. There is one option where a 7-day diet will work.

Your body is made up of strong bones, healthy joints and lots of muscle and very little fat. You eat well, exercise regularly, and all you need to look perfect is to rinse off excess fluid. Yes, in a week you can just “drain the water, ” and even then it’s not necessary. The problem with "drainage" is that it is not too healthy, and you can exercise 1-2 times a year, and even then with the great goal of, for example, winning competitions. For example, for the sake of traveling to exotic countries, graduations or corporations, healthy people do not do such things. Just because it's pointless. The water returns "to its place" literally in four hours, the appearance deteriorating rapidly. Well, popular 7 day hunger strikes are the best way to waste time.

Why the seven-day fast weight loss diet doesn't work

There is only one problem with all these menu options. But it's big. This is a substitution of terms. Instead of actually leading to fat loss, a fast diet causes weight loss, usually due to dehydration. It also “helps” to get rid of the contents of the gut, which also adds a few pounds to the discarded piggy bank. And all these results are very short-lived. When you return to any normal diet, regardless of whether it is "clean and correct" or full of conditional "violations of the regime", the weight returns quickly. Why there is weight gain, very inactive edema is created, cellulite "creeps out" and in general, all this madness really prevents you from understanding why you are on a fast diet.

And there is one whole category of women for whom fast diets are relatively painless. These are naturally slender, slightly overweight girls who are on their first diet. Provided that the diet is really the first, and before that they did not neglect ice cream, pasta with cutlets and other pillars of the diet of an ordinary girl. And the younger the girl, the lower the risk. All this is not due to discrimination against the elderly, but due to the fact that young beings simply have higher levels of hormones that are key to losing weight and maintaining weight, and recover faster.

People often think that after 7 days of strict restrictions, eternal happiness will come, and the so-called "proper diet" will be noticed easily and naturally. Yes, only this is all contrary to the natural mechanisms of self-preservation. They push us to overeat. Indeed, it is normal for human beings to first accumulate nutrients, then hunt and starve, then happily eat prey, and then accumulate again. So it turns out that this hunger strike is perceived as a period of "hunting". Well, after that, you will definitely catch a "game" in the shape of a cake in any first cafeteria you come across. Or quietly replace four servings of healthy brown rice instead of one. The instinct of self-preservation is always stronger than all our mental calculations about how we will be thin and beautiful after this diet.

What are 7-day diets for fast weight loss

There's definitely a lot to turn around here. From “eat water, drink water . . . . ” To complex pseudo-meals, the whole variety of which consists in changing the location of different vegetables, a child can be, so to speak, found for every taste.


How: It relies on 100 g of chocolate every day in the diet, they usually suggest eating dark chocolate, because it contains useful substances - antioxidants, and is rich in theobromine, which improves mood. In addition, in one version you can drink as much coffee as you want, and in another green tea. As everyone has guessed, the tea option is no healthier than caffeine. And the diet does not work because of the special magical properties of chocolate, but simply because any hunger strike, whatever it may be, can work in the short term.

Reviews: Chocolate diet reviews show impressive results. Yes, its authors should have already received an award in the field of meeting the needs of ordinary citizens, if there was such a thing. You don’t seem to give up on delicacies, you lose weight. But the authors of the reviews are relentless - the second day the delicious chocolates no longer climb, the third day you dream of the simplest apple, and the fourth you usually drop everything so that you can sit on something like that again next week at the latest. Continuous walking in circles and a potential risk to the health of the nervous system.


How: in one day - so much tea and caramel candy. Yes, 100 g of whole candies. I don't want to eat.

Testimonials: show that the weight is no longer heavy, but it’s all hard to bear. And the reason is not just hunger. Many girls honestly write that the diet on lollipops greatly contributed to the worsening of gastritis, the onset of intestinal discomfort and became, in general, the last thing the girl "sat down" on. After this the child usually begins the so-called "suffocation" and the inability to somehow control the diet. In general, there is no taste, no benefit, but what did you want?


Like: for the laziest and the poorest. 100 g of sugar and tea. In the description of this diet it is often mentioned that it is prescribed to patients in the hospital. But for some reason, the fact that sugar in the form of glucose is given intravenously with a dropper is overlooked. And, as a rule, no one drinks tea.

Reviews: indicate that this is a starvation diet, which subsequently also harms the stomach. In general, the fact that with the help of this mind of an unknown author someone will be able to lose weight seems rather suspicious.

Slightly less harmful diet

At least there is fiber here that gives some citizens a certain chance of preserving the health of the digestive tract. But, again, only those who are already healthy and do not have special problems with eating behavior "safely" experience it safely and painlessly.

How to: Take 1. 5 kg of apples, watermelons, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini or any vegetables other than potatoes. And we eat during the day. Only one and a half kilos of selected vegetables or fruits. Berries are also possible. A glass of kefir is allowed before bed, if you are very hungry. But "true" mono-diets are considered violations.

Reviews: various, from a bright positive in the spirit "in just a week I lost 7 kg, and nothing that after 2 weeks I had to look for a diet to lose 10", to quite true, where there is honest talk about dizziness and diarrhea, and the weakness and inability to get out of bed with any effort and other "specialized effects". In general, they reflect the essence of the phenomenon - rapid decline, breakdown, weight gain, the search for a new diet of the same kind.

In a week they lose weight with different cereals from 1 cup of steamed cereals with hot water, it is believed that only such a porridge cleanses the body. But even such diets are not balanced. In general, every healthy person should be careful if they are offered something like fast weight loss for many kilograms in such a short time.