How to lose weight quickly and easily

To lose weight quickly without diet and not bringing themselves to exhaustion in the gym, dream of all girls. Unfortunately, this is unrealistic. Moreover, sharp fluctuations in weight and even dangerous to health. Therefore, when we talk about how to lose weight fast, we mean still more or less reasonable time, but not a week or two.

How to lose weight quickly

If you are interested in how to lose weight fast 10 pounds, you need to understand that "fast" is two months, at least. Ways to say goodbye to 10 pounds a week, of course, exist, but they lead to dehydration, fatigue, exhaustion and rapid recovery of weight in a larger size.

In any case, the weight loss should be smooth, no sudden jerks, no loss of health, and significant ill health. To weight loss was more rapid and organized, you need to make a clear plan and strictly stick to it. In this case, you do not have to starve, you just right and to eat regularly and exercise to get the desired result in the shortest possible time.

How to lose weight easily and quickly with proper nutrition

In order to begin to lose weight, you must reduce the caloric intake. But it must be remembered that the decrease in the protein amount in the diet will lead to muscle loss and lack of vitamins - to a General deterioration of health and exacerbation of many diseases. Also the lack of fat and carbohydrates can have negative consequences, so you can forget about the hard mono-diet, if you value your health.

Reduce caloric intake to the mind, replacing more nutritious foods lower in calories and reducing portion. For example, if you usually eat Breakfast cereal, reduce the portion by half, and to not feel hunger, you can eat an Apple or a grapefruit. If you usually eat Breakfast bacon and eggs, you can replace fatty bacon low calorie chicken breast and fry for Breakfast drops of olive oil. You can also prepare an omelet from one protein with mushrooms and cheese. This dish is very delicious and nutritious, but the calorie content is much lower than bacon and eggs.

If you are seriously considering how to lose weight fast, then lunch will have to restrict even more. Avoid pasta, potatoes and fatty high-calorie dips. For lunch you can eat boiled vegetables and meat or fish. Also, give up dessert, you can eat a little unsweetened fruit or berries. If you want something delicious, you can eat natural yoghurt, fruit salad or dessert of low-fat cottage cheese.

Natural yogurt

The most stringent restrictions will apply to dinner. For dinner you should choose something very easy, for example, a salad of green vegetables or fruits. Salad can be low fat yogurt or any low-fat dressing. If before sleeping will have a sense of hunger, you can drink a little kefir or yogurt.

Such restrictions is the easiest method how to lose weight quickly and easily and not suffer from hunger. The amounts of servings will vary slightly, but reduces the overall caloric intake. In addition, such a diet will help to normalize digestion and metabolism. Of course, this method is not suitable for those who are looking for how to lose weight fast 10 pounds, as it involves the gradual and healthy weight loss.

How to quickly lose weight in buttocks and thighs with the help of sports, if the family budget is limited

Very often you can hear complaints from women that they would love to visit the gym or would you buy the simulator, but the family budget does not involve such purchases. That's no excuse. If you are looking for how to quickly lose weight in the hips or how to lose weight quickly in the butt, you should know that only the sport will help you not just to lose weight, but also to simulate the shape and cannot be neglected any opportunity.

If you have a difficult financial situation, you can buy yourself the most expensive sports equipment in the world – rope. Jumping rope allow a person weighing 60 kilograms to burn per hour about 560 calories. Of course, at first, long jump will not work, and your neighbors will not be happy, but you can combine jumping with a walk in the Park, so it will be even more useful.

You can also buy expander. Simple tubular expander is inexpensive, but effectively trains the muscles and improves posture. If even bike you can't afford it, then do simple exercises morning exercises can without exception. If you don't know how to lose weight fast in the thighs , you will help a simple leg swings or jumps. Everything is simple and inexpensive.

How to lose weight fast with the help of sports with good financial capacity


Of course, if you have enough money, the question is how quickly to lose weight in the hips or any other part of the body will not stand so sharply, you can hire a coach who will help you choose the appropriate set of exercises and monitor your progress. If the time for a workout is not enough, you can purchase a sports simulator which will allow to do without leaving your own home.

The best home exercise equipment is the elliptical or treadmill. If you run on this simulator with a low speed of 9 kilometers per hour, in an hour you can burn about 500-600 calories. It is worth noting that the elliptical is not overstraining the joints, therefore suitable for people with very large weight.

A warning to those who decided to lose weight quickly

Very often girls, trusting a non-expert tips on how to lose weight fast, make rash and risky steps, for example, severely limit the power or use harmful laxatives and diuretics. To really lose weight in this way does not work, you can lose water, cause dehydration and intoxication, but not body cleansing or weight loss. Also, do not use questionable pills and dietary supplements, at best they just will not help. And never forget that to cure anorexia is much more difficult than obesity.