Exercise for weight loss belly and sides at home for women

Fat deposits on the belly and sides is a topical issue for many women. "Lifeline" in the waist have a negative impact not only on appearance but also on the mental condition of the woman, causing her the appearance of various kinds of complexes and low self-esteem. Dreaming of a perfect figure, many women refuse to eat completely and sit on a grueling diets, completely oblivious to the fact that getting rid of excess fat – it is a complex process. And for good result is important and proper nutrition, and proper exercise, and great perseverance combined with strength of will. On all these points in more detail later.

Tight abs

The causes of belly fat and sides

There are several main reasons why fat deposits on the belly and flanks tend to be:

  • surrounding the stressful situation, which causes failure of normal functioning of the human body (this is reflected, for example, in the emergence of insomnia or sudden mood shifts) and overeating, leading to excess weight;
  • a hormonal imbalance in the bodywhich causes quick weight gain, and as a consequence fat deposits in the sides and stomach area;
  • poor nutritionincludes large amounts of fatty, spicy and smoked food, which retains the excess water in the body and provokes an undesirable swelling, and abuse fast food;
  • passive way of life, which promotes the deposition of fat reserves in the shortest possible time;
  • the presence of various diseases , mostly diseases like: diabetes, problems of the cardiovascular system and a tendency to high blood pressure;
  • genetic predisposition.

A set of exercises

Many people think that in order that the abdomen was flat and the waist narrow and slender, and is stable enough to swing the abdominal muscles, but in fact it is not so. From such pumping fat from the abdomen and sides is not going anywhere because it is promoted by just the right systematic anaerobic load.

Charging for belly

Present to your attention a training complex "15-50", consists of certain exercises that must be repeated from 15 to 50 times in one approach.

The desired number of sets in the same exercise: from 1 to 3, depending on the degree of preparedness. To start training should perform the minimum amount of exercise and gradually increase this figure to 5 repeats with each new week of training.

Activity 1 – Traditional plank with knee

Starting position – lying on the floor, face down. It is necessary to rely on the extended hands and toes, your palm should be at a right angle relative to the shoulders, and back, neck and buttocks should form a straight line. The right knee should gently pull right elbow then return to starting position, then do the same thing with the left knee, only to bend it it is necessary already to the left elbow. And so at least 15 times on each leg.

Exercise 2 – Standard strap with the rise of the buttocks

Starting position in this exercise is similar to the previous, only the hands should be in a straight position, and to be bent at the elbows. At the same time press the stomach must be sufficiently intense, and the waist – not sagging to the floor. The essence of the exercise is to slowly raise the pelvis up, not relaxing the abdominal muscles, and then return it to its original position. The exercise is quite difficult on the technique of execution, so in the first exercise allowed number of retries to be reduced to five.

Exercise 3 – the knees of "lying"

Starting position – lying on back, legs relaxed, arms stretched along the body. You need to slowly, straining his abdominal muscles and legs to lift knees to the stomach, and then slowly return to the starting position, straight them parallel to the floor.

Exercise 4 – "Wipers"


Starting position – lying on the floor, arms extended, legs extended perpendicular to the floor. You need to smoothly and slowly lower legs first to the right and then to the left, not spreading them apart. First, it is allowed to perform the exercise with bent knees legs as straight limbs to perform such propensities quite unaccustomed to hard. You must perform one workout 25 tilts in each direction.

Exercise 5 – Pull-UPS ankle-length

Starting position – lying on back, legs extended along the floor and mixed together, and the hands are behind the head, fists to each other. It is necessary to pull the knees to the abdomen and arms to toe. After pullups, you need to return to the starting position and repeat the exercise again.

Exercise 6 – "Scissors"

Original position there is similar reference position in the third exercise of this workout. It is necessary to stretch the abdominal muscles and lift the leg of the body above the floor at an angle of 30 degrees, and after lifting one up and the other lower down, but not to the floor, and change them one by one. Another variation of the same exercises you can with your legs raised in the parties, and after slow movements to cross them with each other.

Especially effective this exercise will be combined with cardiovascular exertion, such as walking, running, Jogging, Cycling, rollerblading or swimming. These types of loads can be alternated, and can be combined with each other, but in the latter case, no forget to ensure that cardio did not take more than one hour of time.

Proper nutrition

Great value for weight loss is and proper nutrition.

To achieve the maximum effects of losing weight promptly, you need to create a so-called "calorie deficit". Speaking in plain language, one should try to consume fewer calories than you manage to spend the body during the day. In this case, he will begin to seek additional sources of energy will use for this fat cells from which we need to get rid of. Here you can see a sample menu for a week for weight loss belly and sides.

To create such conditions for the body in two ways:

  • Eat less – cut down on the intake of calories from food (the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates are not very important).
  • To spend more calories to actively exercise, do not sit on one place, move a lot (while eating the same as before).

If to speak about those foods that definitely should be limited during weight loss, it will be:

    Twisting waist
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • sweets and high-calorie cakes;
  • fried or fatty foods.

To participate in the daily diet shown low-fat dairy products, any cereals and food prepared using the following methods of heat treatment: steaming, stewing or baking.

And finally, the little secrets that will help you lose weight and remove fat in the abdomen and on the sides much faster:

  1. During the day you should try to drink as much fluid as possible, the desired daily volume is at least 1.5-2 litres (8 glasses of water).
  2. With great love for this beverage, like coffee, is recommended to reduce its consumption to 1-2 cups per day and try to drink the beverage only in the morning;
  3. Should practice the technique of fractional power: to divide all the meals for the day into 5-6 small meals, with a small time interval between them and thus to achieve the effect of a feeling of fullness always.
  4. Do not forget about fiber intake, which helps to cleanse the body of excess toxins and actively participates in the breakdown of fat cells.