One desires to have a slim figure is not enough, you need to work on this issue, showing incredible effort. First, you need to follow the rules of healthy nutrition or diet. To abandon bad habits and your routine to become more agile to speed up the metabolism and burning of fat. Do not think that you can lose weight only on expensive and exotic products. There are effective diet, designed for poor segments of the population on simple and affordable products.


To achieve a positive result, you need to have the three conditions for successful weight loss: healthy eating, physical activity and adequate sleep. You must pick a diet, so she did not bring discomfort, and the man was always in a good mood. Do not deprive yourself of favorite foods, go hungry, and it is better to focus on a balanced diet. In the product list have to be: soup, porridge, dried fruit and fresh fruit, stewed and fresh vegetables, lean meats, different nuts, dairy products.

List of popular weight loss diets

The Dukan Diet

Fast acting diet based on increased consumption of protein foods. Observing all the rules, you can reset per month to 20 kg. It does not include fasting, but in the first few days to eliminate fats and carbohydrates from the diet and eat only protein foods. Energy processing protein requires a lot, so the body takes it from fat reserves. Gradually in the diet are carbohydrates and fats. Diet for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should diet to maintain their weight and also eliminate extra pounds in the event set. About all features and limitations you need to consult a physician.

Kefir diet

Is a strict diet in any case. Ale products are the most healthy. Kefir weight loss diet aims to eliminate 5 pounds in 5-8 days, but with persistent application it is possible to lose 14 kg in 3-4 weeks. You can sit on one yogurt, drinking a glass every 3-4 hours, not adding any sugar, syrup. Ale on this diet can not last more than three days. There are options kefir diet in combination with fruits, buckwheat and other products.

Milk diet

This fast diet calls for eating one of milk, or in combination with different products. The use of a milk can stand only 3 days, while drinking on the first day – a glass of milk every 2 hours, the second day – a glass of the product every 1.5 hours, the third day – a glass of the drink every hour. In between you need to drink clean water, in this period it is necessary to take vitamin complex to avoid exposing the body to exhaustion. There is a diet in which milk combined with dairy products, fruits, boiled m meat or fish, vegetables.

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Barley diet

In pearl barley contains a lot of nutrients: iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, copper and vitamins E and a list of St. It helps to lose weight at 6-8 pounds in a month. But it is not for everyone, because it provokes flatulence and intestinal disorders. To cook porridge need water, in the evening soak the groats to swell, and in the morning porridge boil 200 g of barley. Does not add, if only pepper for flavor. To use the resulting mess during the day, more to eat nothing, only drink water and herbal herbal teas. A strict diet is designed for 5 and 7 days.

Kremlin diet

Interesting for losing weight and diet. Its essence lies in the use of soft meat and sausage products. Need to count the points we eat foods and do not exceed the recommended number. It lasts to get the result, and it may be a month or even a year.

Magic diet

Do a good diet, it is often used model. In seven days you can easily lose 4-6 pounds. A feature of the diet is eating lots of boiled eggs and vegetables which gives the body a lot of protein and vitamins.

Salt-free diet

A large amount of salt in the body leads to obesity, hypertension, constipation and edema. It's not even a diet, and diet. You should exclude salt from the diet entirely or to use it at a minimum.

Rice diet

Rice diet the most safe, because grain contains all the useful substances for the body. On rice you can arrange fasting days, is conducting a 3-day or week courses. Boiled rice without salt should be divided into several techniques and compounds to eat, sometimes diluting it with a piece of boiled fish or vegetables.

Kefir-buckwheat diet

The dealer in this case, you take in the gray view and is filled with yogurt to swell for a few hours. Removes waste and toxins m gently cleanses the intestines and regulates digestion, so the week helps to loose up to 10 pounds. Not recommended for those who have a sick stomach.

Apple diet

This diet exists in different versions: 1-10 days. Ale very popular weekly diet. To start losing weight on apples need with one fasting day. It is better to eat green apples, less sugar. Do not have to use them fresh, you can bake in the oven or make them a smoothie with yogurt, which also promotes weight loss.

Cucumber diet

Diet cucumbers are pleasant, because the vegetable is delicious and easy. You can eat just other ingredients to make salads by adding other low-calorie vegetables. As a strict diet, can be failures, so you should not sit for long courses.

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Diet oatmeal

Diet oatmeal suitable for those who is overweight, and he has health problems ' pits. To sit on the oatmeal can week and burn up to 10 pounds of excess fat. Cereal has fiber, which quickly removes from the body toxins and wastes. The intestinal wall is restored and never accumulate harmful substances.

Gipoholesterinova diet

High cholesterol can lead to stroke, heart attack, atherosclerosis. It is formed by the consumption of unhealthy fats and carcinogens. This diet is aimed at the acceleration and normalization of metabolic processes. Are prohibited fatty meats, fried foods are foods that contain a lot of fiber.

Kefir cucumber diet

This diet is popular because it is effective and not costly. It is used in cases of emergency, before some Saint. Dieting can be a short time, it is best used as fasting days. Low-calorie products not only promote weight loss but also cleanse the body of toxins.

Dieta Montignac

This diet is designed for a quick result because it is based on eating foods with a low glycemic index. For this you need to rebuild not only diet, but of life. Eating foods with a high glycemic index requires increased discharge of insulin by the pancreas, which ultimately leads to increased appetite and, as a rule, to diabetes. You can eat foods with a low glycemic index that are composed of slow carbs.

Model diet

This diet allows for 3 days lose weight 5 pounds. Diet is designed for 3 and 7 days, but she's pretty strict and a week not everyone can withstand. The essence of the diet is eating 1000 kcal per day. The last meal on the diet no later than 15 hours. Eat small portions 5 times a day, drink 2 liters of fluid. Before you go on this diet, you should consult with your doctor because prolonged lack of food can have a negative impact on your body.

Uncindery diet

It aims to ensure that the patient not only lost weight but also improved their health. This diet is prescribed before performing certain abdominal operations. It allows you to get rid of excess weight by 5 pounds in a week. To eat raw food and do not mix, for example, fruits and dairy products. Can one use just one of the allowed foods.

Metabolic diet

The diet allows to get rid of 10 extra pounds per month. This is achieved by eating foods that speed up metabolism. In the body changes hormonal: decrease insulin and estrogen and away increase of adrenaline and testosterone. A preference for protein foods and fresh vegetables.

Grapefruit diet

Diet this fruit developed in different ways. People need to eat much fruit, so I can't go on a diet for people suffering from diseases of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract. Allowed on the diet drink fresh juices and eat the fruit in the form of salad greens. Weekly diet involves the inclusion in the diet and other products.


Diet doctors

It is suitable for those who have no time or do not want to engage in physical activity or sports. These courses are designed for fat people who require surgery to avoid complications. A week you can lose 10 pounds, but food is very scarce – only 3 days in the week allowed vegetable salad, boiled meat and cheese, and the rest to drink mineral water or milk.

No carb diet

Is usually used by athletes during the drying process, when carbohydrate is replaced by protein foods. This strict diet requires mandatory compliance. Proper nutrition should be combined with training exercises for weight loss, compliance with drinking regime, a day to drink 2 liters of water.

Diet for pregnant women

In the period of carrying a baby a woman is obliged to observe the diet for the proper development of the fetus. Proper nutrition allows the mother not to gain extra pounds and not to deprive the baby of nutrients. From the diet, you should eliminate harmful foods and eat healthy food in small portions but often.

Diet Kim Protasov

It is a comfortable diet that does not require strict food restrictions, but must adhere to for a long time. According to the description, you need to consume dairy products rich in protein and vegetables that contain fiber. The body gets the proteins to build cells, energy for life and constantly clean the intestines.

Awesome diet

Helps to lose 8 pounds in two weeks, but not everyone can withstand it. It is not recommended for working people and students. Also it is contraindicated to athletes. Allowed to drink kefir, yogurt, milk, fruits and vegetables in minimal quantities.

Light diet

It is designed for those who have gastrointestinal disease, in addition it holds the function of improvement of the digestive system. Fasting diet is not recommended to overeat too. You can eat simple food, prepared without excess fat, steamed or stewed. Eat fractional and small portions. Food should be warm, but not hot or cold.

Expert opinion

This article shows how popular are the various versions of the diets for one purpose — to lose weight, look prettier or healthier. In fact, diets even more, but if you look at it from a scientific point of view, we can understand that in nutrition, quite the opposite.

For each issue selected special, balanced and accurate diet. Yes, there is a certain type of curative power in diseases of the kidneys, with biliary tract disease, is a diet in atherosclerosis, and so on. No claim to the increase in the number of these diets because they work.

Ale weight loss is a unique reason to create dozens of different versions of the diet, although it is only one-the only correct type of food, which maintains the usefulness of the diet, but decreases its energy structure by reducing the fast of refined carbohydrates and fats.

It is not necessary to simplify the situation and get on mono, since each of them is in some way flawed. Perhaps the only exception would be for a salt-free diet, which allows you to expel excess fluid from the body within 3-4 days and to facilitate the work of the heart. So, a banana diet can cause an increase in potassium levels in the blood, and if a person has a tendency to arrhythmia and poor working kidneys, it can get to the hospital. Grapefruit diet must not be used in patients with erosive-ulcerative processes of the gastrointestinal tract, and so on. Therefore, in the absence of contraindications in some cases fasting-diet therapy, consists of short courses of fasting, can bring more benefits than dieting, the purpose of which is the maximum relief of body weight in the shortest amount of time.



Course selection diet many, to choose for themselves the best diet not the composition of labor. It is important to look not only at those that can be eaten and what not, but also on the ability to harm. Not like different diets to eliminate extra pounds, you must select an appropriate and periodically apply.

To the diet were positive effect in reducing weight, you must follow the rules:

  • To comply with diet. To eat at the same time to better absorb the nutrients and accelerated metabolic processes. Breakfast should be until 9 o'clock, lunch – at 14 o'clock, and dinner no later than 17 hours.
  • Eat right. The signal of saturation enters the brain only after 20 minutes after the stomach is really full. Therefore, there is a need to stop when feeling a slight sense of hunger, not fed up. Food should be well chewed to the gastrointestinal tract has not received large chunks of food.
  • It is impossible for snacks to eat foods with fast carbs: candy, cakes or cookies. If you want sweet, you better have an Apple, prunes or dried apricots, in their absence, bitter chocolate, 1-2 segments.

To lose weight certainly, you should not neglect Hiking, rollerblading or skating.