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  • There are many reasons for weight loss, whether it is a better feeling, recovery from childbirth or a change in the size of clothes. In all cases, strong fat burning products will help. Evaluation of the best fat burners, rules of use, contraindications and side effects
    11 September 2021
  • Has your weight already beaten the scales? Then it’s time to learn how to lose weight fast at home. There are as many as 25 ways, choose at least one!
    12 July 2021
  • Mediterranean diet, features of the Mediterranean diet, the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, dietary rules, what you can eat on the Mediterranean diet, an exemplary menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner.
    16 March 2021
  • How to lose weight with yoga, basic yoga rules, yoga for weight loss belly, firm legs and hips yoga, exercises with Denise Austin.
    29 December 2020
  • Food for gout, recommended diet. Recipes and rules for cooking. Useful tips during the worsening of the disease.
    4 October 2020
  • Who is the diet for? To whom the diet is not suitable. Watermelon eating options. Get out of the diet.
    12 September 2020